Meeting your Bang Buddies Friends? Use the Kitchen!

Hot girls have hot friends. That’s just a rule. Nobody can stop it and nobody can change the way we think, so don’t even think about it. Making friends with hot girls is great and all, but when you meet up with your local fuck friend you’ll remember why you spent so much time on Tinder.

When I met my fuckbuddy’s BFF I was in disbelief, but after cracking a few jokes here and there, I was getting closer.

  1. Finding my Fuckbuddy

    The way I found my fuckbuddy was the same way I found all of my fuckbuddies. Bumble. It’s a great dating app that makes “not dating” a whole lot easier for everyone.

    I matched with my sweet Summer. She was 5’8 with long brown hair and some pretty average sized tits. Her ass though, my God. Her ass was big enough to park ten Tahoes on it – easily. I’m really more into the small boobs/fat ass combo than anything else, so she was a 10/10 to me.

    Since Bumble has a feature that doesn’t let guys make the first move, you just have to sit around and wait for girls to say hello and every day I thank the Lord above for that first message she sent me. Even if all she said was, “hey stud’, I was hooked like crystal.

    After bringing each other to climax numerous times during the week, we were satisfied. Eventually, I ran into her at the bar closest to my place, but I wasn’t complaining. It had been weeks since I saw Summer and I was more than excited to hang out with her.

    She made some polite conversation with me for a while before letting me know that she had found a boyfriend. I wasn’t sad as much as I was bummed that I’d be going home alone that night. The next thing she said though, It was burned into my brain ever since.

  2. Heather

    “This is Heather,” she said. I was blown away by this girl. COme to think of it, I was blown away that someone could actually be hotter than Summer. I mean, Summer was always my prized win, but this girl? She was the real prize.

    She was about 5’6 with shorter blonde hair and a rack so heavenly; I’d dream about it all night and day. She smelled like the sweet scent of pleasure itself and she was wearing a tight dress that showed off her curvy backside.

    I mean, she wasn’t as gifted in the rump as Summer, but she had the face of a supermodel and seemed a little more “fun-sized” than me. Anyways, Summer tried to invite her boyfriend to hang out with us, but he wouldn’t answer.

    Heather and I are getting pretty into it at this point. I’ve bought her a couple of drinks, and we are getting flirty. We may have even made out at the bar a couple of times, I can’t quite remember.

    Heather is literally sucking on my ear when I look over to see Summer crying. Heather asks her what’s wrong and she goes off about her shitty boyfriend and how he’s all sketchy and how he’s never home or whatever. After some more chatting, we all start talking about something else. Things were about to get a whole lot more interesting in this club.

  3. Roomates?

    The next thing I know, me and the girls are in a Taxi on the way to the liquor store near Summer’s house.

    The next memory I have is of Heather pouring UV Blue into Summer’s mouth and all over her white bra.

    I wake up next to two girls in their, and they’re kissing. Kissing. It’s Heather and Summer, and they’re ready to go again.

    I guess the moral of the story is this – keep in touch with your old fuckbuddies. Always.