Top 5 Things You Need to do In Your Kitchen

I feel as if everyone falls into two camps: those who feel comfortable in the kitchen or people who are terrified of cooking. While cooking seems like it could be some sort of impossible feat (which I feel is common for those of us who’s mother’s swatted us out of the kitchen until dinner was ready), I promise you cooking isn’t hard.

For those of you who are reading who do feel comfortable cooking, there is always something new you can learn. Sure, you might be a master in one area of the kitchen but there is always something new to learn whether it be a different technique or learning how to cook a completely different cuisine.

  1. Treat your herbs like fresh flowers
    Your flowers aren’t the only things that should go in a vase with some water. The best way to keep your fresh cut herbs is to treat them like fresh cut flowers!
    I recommend investing in mason jars. All you need to do is fill a small mason jar with a little bit of water and then cover the top with a sandwich bag before putting it back into the fridge.
    While this is the best way to keep cut herbs fresh I recommend buying herbs in a pot! Put them near a window and water them occasionally.
  2. Your holding your knife wrong!
    A lot of people hold their knife by the handle… which seems like that should be exactly how you should hold a knife… but guess what? That’s wrong!
    You should pinch the knife with your thumb and forefinger (like you’re making that politician hand gesture… watch any SNL skit) around the blade toward the back of knife next to the handle. That’s how you can master your knife skills and feel like a pro in the kitchen.
  3. Handle your herbs gently
    You need to be delicate with your herbs! When you’re chopping all willy nilly you’re bruising them. The flavor will then run out onto the board when you’re chopping. For example: you should roll basil up like a cigar and slice through. You’ll be left with ribbons of basil and they won’t go brown!
  4. Put a bag on it!
    Did you buy fruit that isn’t close to being ripe. Well, all you need is a banana and a paper bag (which you’ve probably already got from the grocery store. Put a banana in with the unripe fruit into the bag. The banana will help speed up the ripening process and as will the dark paper bag.
  5. Don’t blind yourself after cutting chili! Here’s how:
    Have you ever binged on hot wings only to touch your eyes after? Or what about being careless in the restroom after cutting chili? Well, in order to keep from nessiarily burning the shit out of your eyes (and nether regions) give your hands a rinse with fresh lemon juice. The acid from the lemon juice washes away the chemical capsaicin (which is what makes peppers hot!). Just don’t get lemon juice in your eyes by washing your hands again…